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  • IMPORTANT: Dismissal Plan for April 20th

    Dear Parents and Guardians, April 18, 2016


    On Wednesday afternoon we anticipate very high volumes of traffic around our school due to a large funeral service at the AppleDome. Our concern will always be for the safety of our students, staff and families so on this day, we need to be clear about how we are organizing dismissal.

    Please take note of the following important dismissal information:
    - Students attending the After School Programs will be met at school and will leave with their Program Leaders in exactly the same way they always do.
    - Students who are walking home will be walking with one of our staff until we can assure that they are reasonably away from the traffic congestion related to the event. Ex. one block away in any direction.
    - Students who take the bus that day will be leaving as usual at 2:55
    - Students who are being picked up by a driver will be released directly to that adult face to face from the school.


    Our parking lot will not be able to accommodate the number of cars that we usually have, so an alternate plan is needed. We strongly recommend drivers to park in the Rainforth Park parking lot (old arena parking lot) which is about 1 block east of the school. Once you have parked you will need to walk to the school to pick up your child.


    **If walking to the school is problematic for you, you may wait until 3:10 and use our bus loop to pick up your child. At that time our buses will have left and it will be safe to use the loop.

    There will be people on site during the afternoon to monitor and direct traffic as well as to make sure students are able to walk safely on the sidewalks. We really appreciate your patience and participation in the plan especially for “students who get picked up”. Please call if you have questions and most importantly be clear with your child’s teacher as to what their dismissal plan is that day.



    BDS Administration

  • Foyer and Parking Information

    Hello Families,

    This is a reminder that we use our foyer until 2:40 PM each day for learning activities - if you are coming in to the school to pick up a child, please wait until that time to come in. Our foyer lately is too full too early. Thanks so much for your help. 


    We continue to have issues with our Parking Lot - please remember that you can only park in spaces that have painted lines on the asphalt either in our lot or at the Appledome. We get complaints about inappropriate parking almost every day. Please see our website for the Parking Video

    Thanks so much and have a super weekend! 

    BDS Staff

Berwick and District Visitor Policy Reminder:  Please remember to make contact with the office when arriving at Berwick and District. If you are looking to touch base with your child's teacher or needing to pick up your child, once you check in at the office we are requesting that you wait there until your child arrives at the office, or until the teacher comes to meet you. This procedure helps us maintain safety within our school in case of an emergency.  We thank you for your support.


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