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Berwick and District Visitor Policy Reminder:  Please remember to make contact with the office when arriving at Berwick and District. If you are looking to touch base with your child's teacher or needing to pick up your child, once you check in at the office we are requesting that you wait there until your child arrives at the office, or until the teacher comes to meet you. This procedure helps us maintain safety within our school in case of an emergency.  We thank you for your support.


In the Middle: A section designed for middle school students and their families

What are Executive Function skills?? We are in year 3 of a Student Success Initiative designed to support our Grades 5 – 8 students in developing and strengthening skills related to Executive Function. Executive Function skills are those that all of us need to be successful: organization of material and concepts, time management, planning and prioritizing, managing responsibilities and processing learning etc. Brain research teaches us that our Middle School students are being asked to use higher level Executive Function skills that children this age haven’t even really developed yet!


Why did we start focusing on this?? Feeling very discouraged by the number of students who were unsuccessful in school and seemingly unable to get and stay on track, our Middle School staff embarked on a quest to find answers. Professional Development with our Educational Psychologist, LD Specialist and Administrators uncovered the answers and led to multiple improvements to the organization and teaching of our students. This group shared their learning with colleagues, the PTSA etc.


What does that mean for our students?? The one binder system was one of the recommendations that came out of the work with the Regional Office staff. The team researched best practice for students this age with multiple teachers. After that and a cost comparison between parent purchase of the list and our ability to reduce that cost through bulk purchasing, it was decided to go with bulk purchasing and only require parents to provide the writing utensils, erasers, lock, calculator, gym clothes etc.


So what does the $65.00 fee cover? $12.00 of the fee goes to a general school activity fee and the student agenda. The remaining $53.00 covers a very long list with multiple quantities for every child for the whole year: scribblers, looseleaf, 3” binder, 1”binder, page protectors, wave folders, duo-tangs, rulers, scissors, memory stick, glue stick, colored index cards, file folders, labels, file dividers, sticky notes, card stock, highlighter tape, highlighters, photo sleeves, and graph paper.


How do we know the system is working? Our staff and students were constantly reflecting on and evaluating the system. Teachers noted a significant improvement in student accountability; students were consistently organized for class, knowledgeable about how to manage and demonstrate their learning and were settled, confident and prepared to participate. At the end of the year students were asked how many of them would vote to continue the system and 96% of them voted yes! Recently graduated students even report continuing to use this system to help manage their learning in High School – so the other goal, which was to better prepare them for more demanding environments such as High School is being addressed.


It’s Elementary, a regular feature from the Elementary classrooms:

We have a lot of excitement going on in the Elementary wing – students are busy getting used to new routines, settling in to their classes, learning how to play gently on the playground etc. We thank parents for their cooperation in picking up and dropping off students in the foyer as our hallways are so congested – too difficult to manage any other way so your understanding is appreciated. Important learning for our students include proper hand washing, knowing a parent’s phone number as an important safety tool and how to help solve your own problems. Our Open House will give parents a chance to hear all about routines in the classroom, special supports to your child’s learning and any other tips and tricks that will make their transition back into school smooth. We look forward to working with you!


Community Corn Boil is on September 25th and you are all invited!! We believe in connecting closely with our community and opening our school for a community meal is a great way to do that – not to mention celebrate the fall and the produce that is grown in our area. We partner with local businesses and the Town of Berwick as well as the Berwick Lions to bring you this opportunity for neighborly conversation and wonderful food. More details to follow but for now it is 4:30 to 6:30 …come and go.


Speaker Series Event #2 – Social Media 101!  September 30th is our next parent and community educational event. There is so much to know about the ever changing world of social media and our children. Look for posters in our building as well as information on our website – plan to attend and bring a friend Sept. 30th 6:30 to 7:30, free babysitting, snacks etc.


Click here on the link to learn more about the AVRSB Career Expo!


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September 2014

Thursday, September 11th:

Stand Up Against Bullying (Pink Shirt Day)

Monday, September 15th:

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Thursday, September 18th:

Open House, Band Registration & Book Fair (6:00 PM)

Tuesday, September 23rd:

PTSA Meeting (6:00 PM)

Thursday, September 25th:

Early Dismissal

Thursday, September 25th:

Corn Boil (Community Event 4:30-6:30 PM)

Friday, September 26th:

Terry Fox Walk

Tuesday, September 30th:

Speaker Series (6:00-9:00 PM)


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